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23 May 2017


  Income is critical to most employees' financial security, yet few employees think about how an illness or accident could put their income at risk. Learn the facts about the causes and odds of experiencing an income-interrupting disability. [pdf-embedder url=""]

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31 May 2016

Why Group Long-Term Disability Insurance Is Not Enough

If you were asked whether you had insurance coverage for a disability, you might respond that you have some coverage through your employer's benefits package.  It's a common response -- but do you know any of the coverage details?  Many aren't able to accurately summarize the basics of this coverage.   A typical group long-term disability plan will...

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17 May 2016

The Importance of Disability Insurance & Income Protection

The month of May is Disability Insurance Awareness month.  Yes, there is an entire month devoted to spreading the message about the importance of protecting your income!  The likelihood of a disabling injury or illness is 3-4 times higher than dying prematurely (depending on your age), yet many ignore the risks of becoming disabled.   According to...

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10 September 2015

Can You Live on 43% of Your Income?

When you add up your income throughout your career, it will most likely be your single biggest asset. Without it, your ability to support yourself and your loved ones, as well as the future you envision, may be at risk. Even if you have group long term...

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