10 September 2015

Conflicts of Interest

A no-cost luxury car lease. An all expense paid African safari. A luxury cruise vacation for your entire family. No, these incentives didn’t come from a car dealership or travel agency, rather from an insurance company. These are the kinds of perks an insurance agent can receive for selling a lot of policies with a particular insurance company. It sounds crazy, but these conflicts present themselves often in the insurance industry.


Fiduciary Insurance Group was created specifically to offer insurance planning solutions without the usual conflicts of interest inherent in the industry. Too often, fee-only financial planners are forced to scramble to find reliable, unbiased insurance planning information for their clients. We feel strongly our way of offering insurance is a superior experience for all involved.

A key principle of ours is to eliminate conflicts of interest right from the start.

We do this by bucking the trend in as many ways as possible. A key principle of ours is to eliminate conflicts of interest right from the start. One of the easiest ways to eliminate conflicts is to be setup as an independent insurance broker. We do not have a primary insurance carrier relationship. This means we do not have to meet certain production requirements with any carrier in order to obtain and keep special fringe benefits, such as health insurance, office space, expense reimbursement, bonuses, retirement contributions, and company-paid vacations. We pay for our health insurance, office space, and our own vacations.


All of these items enable us to provide you the best possible experience when searching for insurance coverage. You will get a true representation of the insurance markets you are most interested in, because we will quote and do business with any insurance carrier that contracts with independent agents. This means you will receive a quote sheet from us that accurately displays a clear view of available options and pricing.

We disclose our compensation on all insurance recommendations.

Lastly, we disclose our compensation on all insurance recommendations. This principle aligns with the transparent disclosures found in a fee-only financial planning firm.


It is our commitment to do the right thing for you…every time…with no regard to our compensation and lack of special perks (remember the African safari?).

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