Property & Casualty

Property & Casualty

When you think of property & casualty insurance, homeowner’s and auto coverage probably come to mind.  These core insurance plans are a part of nearly all our lives.  In many ways, homeowner’s and auto insurance have become commodities.  We are bombarded with advertisements on television, radio, and the internet about finding the lowest insurance rates.

But property & casualty insurance planning is much more than price — It’s about the details.

  • What is the insurance carrier’s track record on premium rates?
  • How is their customer service?
  • How well do they handle insurance claims?
  • Is it easy to do business with them?  

Looking at price alone, you may be giving up a lot on the back-end — and the back-end is what matters most.  An insurance carrier’s ability to promptly, accurately, and fairly assess your claim is incredibly important.

Whether you simply need homeowner’s and auto insurance quotes, or more detailed coverage for your business (i.e. liability), we are here to guide you.

We use the same philosophy with property & casualty insurance, as we do with our other insurance offerings (Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, Medicare).  

  • You will be educated on your options.  We feel it’s important you understand how your coverage works, and how it might differ from the competition.  
  • You will get a clear representation of the insurance market, as we will shop the market for you and compare multiple quotes to come to a recommendation.  We feel one quote from one company is not the right way to approach this.
  • You will come away confident in your coverage, and that you have a team to help you today and tomorrow, if an insurance claim does occur.

We offer a full suite of personal and business insurance options with multiple insurance carriers.

Insurance Solutions

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